Integrative Life Coaching

Remote Sessions​

Virtual live 1-2-1


In-Clinic Sessions

Location dependant. * Preference for fear / phobia / high anxiety work**

Flexibility is at the heart of EMP – Wellbeing.

Firstly, by listening to you I help clarify needs & goals in relation to your present and future, including any problem areas, challenges & concerns.

Secondly, I create your bespoke Integrated plan that includes a bespoke combination of Personal Development & Wellbeing Coaching, NLP & DISC.

Then for each session we agree a focus to ensure you are getting the most out of us working together.

Integrated Life Coaching Services


We long to make lasting and positive change in our lives. We start with strong intentions but soon challenges mount up against us, bringing us to a stop. Subsequently, it feels easier to give up on all our ‘dreams’, our  goals and bumble along, inadvertently avoiding change.

Learn to walk your walk.

I can help you re-gain control and clarity in your life while navigating through life’s challenges.

Coaching is about helping you to clarify, create and unravel your BEST SELF through the actions and behaviours you choose in setting and achieving your life goals.


We go through phases of life living within our comfort zone. Sitting under a fixed ceiling, confirming what we already know and believe by doing what we have always done, thinking what we always think and feeling what we always feel…we have attempted change but it never lasts.

Learn to talk your talk.

I can help you work out and make the effective, lasting change you want in your life. 

NLP EMP-owers, open’s up and teaches us to better understand how our brain (neuro) processes the world around us, especially the words (linguistic) we use and how both these impact our past, present and future actions and behaviours (programming).


Social interactions are fundamental to our overall Wellbeing. “We cannot not communicate” with ourselves and others. Above all, going through life not knowing how to effectively communicate leads to stress, uncertainty, conflict and disappointment. Sound familiar?

Learn to walk your talk!

I can help you through DISC Profiling to recognise the essentials in communicating.  

DISC helps you understand yourself in order to understand others. It gives you the KNOW-HOW to adapt your way of thinking and a means to modify your communication to get the best out all round.

Professional Coaching Credentials

  • Firstly I abide by the codes & ethics of the following professional bodies & associations that I belong to:
  • Secondly I have the EMP – Wellbeing Code of Ethics that underpin my Integrated  Life Coaching Approach.