Bespoke Integrated Life Coaching For You

Yes. You Can Be your BEST self for you. And Be this BEST self for others.

Through lasting & effective changes we make working together in all areas of your life.

Dr. Lorien Waterer
Expert in Self Development & Wellbeing

Thank you for wanting to know more about EMP – Wellbeing with me Lorien.

It’s important to clarify if the Integrated approach I use is the suited Life Coaching and support you need. 

Let’s explore this now or later on a complimentary Check In call.

Finding your Life Coach is easier than 'searching for a needle in a haystack'!

Have you a sense of…

  • Feeling overwhelm and or uncertain in specific areas of your life (confidence, happiness, career, health, communication, relationships) and something be personal and or professional needs to change?
  •  Maybe you must do something different in order to achieve your life goals while making lasting change in your life?
  • Possibly you are unsure of the what or how to, but desire to live a more happier and fulfilled way of life and understand yourself better?
  • It could be that you know you should do something but can’t. You’ve exhausted self development, goal achieving or mindset and habit changes alone and know you need a professional?
  • Perhaps you want something else in your life?
  • Perhaps you’re feeling ready for rebuilding your life  post specific therapy / psychotherapy and or counselling as are in an Emotional / Mental / Physical stable state to begin.

As a result of our Check In Call, you will feel much more EMP-owered about you and your future.

Remember, we can all use this right support from time to time.

What we can explore together

⟣ Self Reflection & Self Development
⟣ Self Regulation & Emotional Intelligence
⟣ Communication with Self & Others

⟣ Goal Setting & Achieving
⟣ Motivation, Confidence Building & Resilience

⟣ Health & Wellbeing
⟣ Stress Management & Anxieties

⟣ Conflict Internal & External
⟣ Procrastination & Limiting Beliefs

⟣ Perfectionism
⟣ Performance Anxiety & Imposter Syndrome

⟣ Grief & Bereavement (including pet loss)
⟣ Fears (certain phobias)

It is important for me to be clear that my Integrated Coaching Approach is highly effective for the "Worried Well", by this I mean those who currently experience some to moderate levels of Mental Health and Wellbeing concerns. I am always open to explore and better understand what you are experiencing and together we can plan a way forward.

EMP - Wellbeing
Emotional Mental Physical

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