Bespoke Integrated Life Coaching For You

Yes. You Can Be your BEST self for you. And Be this BEST self for others.

Through lasting & effective changes we make working together in all areas of your life.

Dr. Lorien Waterer
Expert in Self Development & Wellbeing

Thank you for wanting to know more about EMP – Wellbeing with me Lorien.

It’s important to clarify if the Integrated approach I use is the suited Life Coaching and support you need. 

Shall we explore this now or later on a complimentary Check In call?

Finding the Right Life Coach needn't be 'searching for a needle in a haystack'

Have you a sense that…

  • Something in your life be personal and or professional needs to change?
  •  Maybe you must do something different?
  • Possibly you are unsure of the what or how to?
  • It could be that you know you should do something but can’t?
  • Perhaps you just want something different?


As a result of our call, you will feel much more EMP-owered about you and your future.

Remember, we can all use this right support from time to time.

What ever you've recognised, no matter how large or small, my Integrated Life Coaching Approach is effective to explore & solve:

⟣ Self Reflection & Self Development
⟣ Self Regulation & Emotional Intelligence
⟣ Communication with Self & Others

⟣ Goal Setting & Achieving
⟣ Motivation, Confidence Building & Resilience

⟣ Health & Wellbeing
⟣ Stress Management & Anxieties

⟣ Conflict Internal & External
⟣ Procrastination & Limiting Beliefs

⟣ Perfectionism
⟣ Performance Anxiety & Imposter Syndrome

⟣ Grief & Bereavement (including pet loss)
⟣ Fears (certain phobias)

EMP - Wellbeing Expertise


♡Do you wonder why you feel a certain way at certain times?

Subsequently, would you like to be in charge of how you feel more of the time?


✧Do you seek to have more conscious control in your life?

In addition, would you like to have a resourceful mind, flexible mindset and better communication?


∞Are you in search of how to achieve your biggest life goals?

Moreover do you want healthier habits, kinder self talk and more fulfilment in life?

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