Dr Lorien Waterer

Veterinary Surgeon, Certified Personal Performance & Wellbeing Coach, NLP Practitioner & DISC Accredited

Born and raised in Kenya, my heart grew alongside adventure, curiosity and kindness as a wild bush child!

Migrating to Europe, my early teen’s were spent in Denmark, as a result my mind adapted to the Scandi & Hygge way of life. From late teens till early thirties I was UK based and physically embodied the vocational career as a Veterinary Surgeon.

During my 12+ years as a vet, I experienced  various Emotional, Mental and Physical burn outs. Due to the stigma back then of  Life Coaches and Mental Health combined with my personal fear of ‘not being good enough’ It wasn’t until years later I took my Emotional, Mental and Physical Wellbeing seriously.

Learning how to bring real choice and flexibility into my career was a game changer, I can now continue to do what I love, because I love what I do!

Why Self Development?

What I learned

  • In short I chose to study and qualify as a Personal Development & Wellbeing Coach, an NLP Practitioner & a DISC Personality Profiler. These allow for effective, actionable and lasting life changes not only in myself but with my clients.
  • Several of my core values  – wisdom, professionalism, fun, pragmatism, curiosity, self-efficacy and autonomy drove my inherent curiosity in wanting to know why we as humans, have the commonality of a brain but are all so different in how and what we think, feel and behave.

What I experienced

  • Recognised the true value of COMMUNICATION & LANGUAGE with self and others.
  • Noticed the propulsion of REFRAMING & MINDSET fluidity.
  • In addition, this sets me up with a wise foundation yet flexible ability to life coach others, like you who want more from life.

Common Questions

I am a possible new client

If you are like me, given the chance you prefer to " try before you buy"
Please book our complimentary Check In Call.
Work out if Life Coaching and my Integrated Life Coaching Approach is the support you need to help you achieve your visions and solve your problems.
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I am a MyWellbeing Client

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Can I use insurance and how much are calls

Currently Health Insurance Companies don't cover Coaching, NLP & DISC. As the client you are responsible for settling of all calls invoiced. Sorry for any inconvenience with this.
Check In Call 30 minutes (Complimentary).
All One-to-One Calls 60-90 minutes start from £60.00 (~$70.00) / session (call package savings available).
Payment's are via the financial platform STRIPE™

What's the Equality & Inclusion

I, Lorien identify by the pronouns she/her and has no bias or judgement towards each and every Client & potential Client's of the same or different pronouns, gender, race, equality or other such prejudices.
All individual adults seeking Personal Development are welcome & encouraged to reach out.